One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Construction Supplies

Ask about recycling pickup in Cowpens, SC

At Love Grading, Hauling & Recycling, we believe in making the most of what you have. If you have leftover materials from a construction project, why throw them away? We can help you repurpose your old materials through our recycling pickup services in Cowpens, South Carolina. You can have items like pulverized concrete and brick delivered to your work site for use in parking area expansions or top dressing.

Could your leftover materials be used in another project? Ask a pro now by calling 864-909-9685.

Don't waste valuable materials

Don't waste valuable materials

Maybe you want to try to make a profit off of materials that you no longer need. Our Powerscreen 465 is an advanced machine that can remove rebar from concrete, leaving behind gravel. You can then sell your new gravel to other contractors.

Not all materials are good for repurposing. However, if you have leftover concrete, brick or stone our team can pick it up. We can also deliver repurposed materials back to your site. Start making the most of your construction materials today by getting recycling pickup from Love Grading, Hauling & Recycling in Cowpens, South Carolina.